The research laboratory

Veco has four internal laboratories:

  1. The laboratory of analytical chemistry and synthesis control;
  2. the research and development laboratory where chemical engineers and technicians are moving very quickly in trying to meet the need for new products, helped by a range of high-tech last generation equipment;
  3. the laboratory process control. All products are checked and only if in line with the criteria standards the products are packed and placed in storage or sold. This guarantees the quality of the product and constancy in the supply;
  4. the application laboratory. In this laboratory there is a considerable allocation of machinery; we pass from a manual spray to a rotary spray, from a press to a grinder, from a Gemata to a system tumble dry, only to mention the most important; in addition, of course, there is the department dedicated to all equipment necessary to perform physical tests. In this context four technicians collect market requirements and translate them into reality or test the application of new solutions from research and development laboratory.

The result of these activities can be synthesized in a series of products for application systems entirely ecological.
Veco works in compliance both with regard to the internal security of the staff, for the security of the external environment using its own water treatment plant and orienting production towards less polluting and finally for the safety of our customers that can count on a Company long time certified and recently also in accordance with the latest standards of Vision 2000.