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Are you looking for leather finishing compounds?

Veco chemicals finishing compounds

Finishing Compounds - Veco Italia: experts in waterproof resin coating

Veco Italia specializes in the production of finishing compounds, we are leading leather dye manufacturers of softening agents as well. On our website you can discover our products for retannage, waterproof resin coating, fatliquoring and other chemical pigment.

Leather Finishing Compounds

After the tanning process is complete, leather often needs a final touch to give it the sparkle and shine that will make it stand out from other fabrics. These touches require certain chemicals known as leather finishing compounds. To give leather its final, desired color, the finishing compounds should be chosen with care because they can influence the color. These compounds also have other uses besides just giving leather its finish: a good finishing compound will also make leather more durable

Tanning durable leather

Whether it is lacquer or ordinary shoe polish products, these finishing compounds make leather durable and tougher. When leather is not properly finished, it will easily absorb dust and water and this make it more likely to suffer damages with time and use. Walking in the rain when wearing leather shoes can result in serious damage to footwear especially if the leather is not properly finished. Bags and other accessories made out of leather also need this finish to withstand any harsh treatment.
Finishing compounds by Veco Italia ensure good looks and durability for your leather. Get in touch for more information!


Our product for tanning and leather processing:

  • Acrylic Resins
  • Polyurethanic Resins
    • Cationic PU resins
  • Resins NMP free
  • Compounds
  • Water based coats
  • Proteic binders
  • Waxes, Fillers and oils
    • Cationic waxes
  • Plasters
  • Nitro emulsions
    • Glossy nitro emulsions
    • Non-stick coating
    • Matt nitro emulsions
  • Feel modifiers
  • Auxiliaries
    • Effects
    • Penetrating agents
    • Thickening agents
    • Cross-linking agents
  • Pigments and dyes
    • Casein dispersed pigments
    • Water based pigments
    • Solvent based pigments
    • Nitro cellulose based pigments
    • Cationic pigments
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  • Polyurethane resin

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